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The Florida panther once roamed throughout the southeastern United States. Today, they are confined to only 5% of their historic range here in southwest Florida. The Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge provides essential habitat for these ghost cats, but more needs to be done to restore their population.


Learn more about the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.


Volunteers have donated 1086 hours towards Friends projects in 2017-2020.

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Why such a big difference? Find out how biologists estimate panther populations and more in Panther Facts!


Learn about us and how we're working to help the Florida panther.

About Us

The wild needs friends!

Our mission isn't just to save panthers, we also support the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge.  Learn how and meet the Board of Directors that make it all possible!

Upcoming Projects

Big changes are coming to the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge! Be a part of the change by funding these projects or joining the Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge.

How YOU Can Help!

Be a voice for Florida wildlife! See how you can volunteer, advocate, and make everyday changes to help panthers and other wildlife that live on the Refuge and beyond.   

Upcoming Events

Check out our events calendar for guided tours, outreach opportunities, learning experiences, special events, and more!


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