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No Roads to Ruin

We have joined the No Roads to Ruin Coalition to oppose the M-CORES proposal of three new toll roads that would be built in the heartland of panther country. These roads would cut off important wildlife corridors used by panthers, bears, bobcats, deer, and other wildlife to move safely throughout the state. They are unnecessary and would benefit only a select few. 

Moreover, these roads would be a disaster for the Florida panther - vehicle collisions are the #1 human cause of death for panthers. 

Take a stand and e-mail the Florida Department of Transportation at to let them know you oppose the Roads to Ruin and the negative impacts they will have on Florida wildlife. 


Friends volunteers have dedicated nearly 1,100 hours of service to projects on the Refuges. These projects range from trail maintenance, beach clean-ups, planting native plants in the pollinator garden, picking up trash, and helping with outreach events.

We are hoping to plan a Volunteer Day on the Florida Panther Refuge as soon as weather permits and the Panther Trail is not under water in places. We also coordinate additional days of service depending on the needs of the Refuges and any special events. 

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please us at

Friends and volunteers - Mitch Barazowsk

We wouldn't be able to accomplish what we have without the support of so many wonderful, dedicated donors. 

Providing the tree inserts for the translocation of endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers to the Refuge is an example of the projects we support on the Refuges. Successful nestlings, like the ones pictured to the left, are the direct result of your donations!


Your donation can be a one-time gift, or you can become a member by committing to an annual donation and attend special member-only events. Your gift helps us fight for the Florida panther and all the other wildlife that fall under its protection. 

Join the Board

Are you interested in being even more involved in our work? Join the Board! You can also join any Board committee without being a Board director, as long as you are a current Friends member and up-to-date on your dues

There is one Director position open on the Board:

  • Secretary


There are also Committee positions available:

  • Membership 

  • Fundraising

E-mail us at

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Keep panther prey away - By feeding deer and other wildlife, people inadvertently may attract panthers. Do not leave potential wildlife food outside, such as unsecured garbage or pet food. Fence in vegetable gardens, and bring in bird feeders at night. 

Keep pets safe - Free-roaming pets or tethered and unfenced pets are easy prey for panthers. Bring pets inside or keep them in a secure and covered kennel at night. Do not leave pet food outside. 

Keep domestic livestock secure - Place chickens, goats, sheep, hogs, and other livestock in secure enclosed structures at night. Our friend Frack (pictured) is much safer a night in his new enclosure.

If you are interested in purchasing an enclosure for your beloved animals, our partners at Defenders of Wildlife can help with construction, trained volunteers, and even financial assistance for eligible participants.


See for details and an application! 

Drive 45

The leading human cause of death for Florida panthers is collisions with vehicles. In 2019, 23 of the known panther deaths were due to vehicle strikes. 

Panther activity is greatest between dusk and dawn when visibility is lowest. 

We urge you to drive the posted nighttime speed limit of 45 mph in panther crossing zones. These are areas where fencing isn't available to help keep panthers off the roads. Driving the posted speed limit is good for panthers and you - the average speeding ticket in nighttime panther zones is $200!

Learn more and take the pledge to Drive 45 at

Social Media

Want to be the first to know about upcoming events? Interested in keeping up with our current projects? Maybe you are just interested in some awesome pictures of the Refuges and the wildlife?

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest information, heartwarming stories, and great photos from the refuges!

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